Acoustic Guitar Retailers

We work with a number of acoustic guitar retailers to ensure we can provide you with the cheapest possible guitars. The retailers who work directly with us are as follows:

Dolphin Music Acoustic Guitars

cheap acoustic guitarsDolphin Music have a huge range of guitars, in fact the last time we checked they stock 245 acoustic guitars. While these are predominantly 6 string acoustic guitars, they also stock 12 string guitars, left handed acoustic guitars and a number of acoustic starter packages.

The cheapest acoustic guitars is a SpongeBob Squarepants guitar kit which is just £28. Have no fear though, for those of us who don’t want to have a cartoon character all over our guitar, the Falcon range of acoustic guitars starts at just £45.

Browse the full range of acoustic guitars at Dolphin Music

Gear 4 Music Acoustic Guitars

electro acoustic guitarOne of our favourite acoustic guitar merchants, Gear 4 Music stocks a vast range of acoustic guitars. This includes electro acoustic guitars, left handed guitars and a number of beginners guitar kits. Gear4Music’s USP is to have guitars available from the largest range of acoustic manufacturers possible. So they stock guitars by Tanglewood, Yamaha, Alvarez and Epiphone to mention just a few of the major acoustic brands they hold.

This large range of brands mean that they can offer cheap acoustic guitars and there own range of guitars starts at just £45. Like Dolphin Music before them they also offer the SpongeBob Squarepants acoustic guitar for £28.

Browse all the acoustic guitars at Gear 4 Music

Amazon Acoustic Guitars

acoustic guitarWhile the inclusion of Amazon may surprise a few people, they have one of the largest ranges of acoustic guitars in the UK. In fact, as research for this article we checked the current listings and discovered that Amazon have 160 Acoustic Steel String Guitars for sale currently. In addition, they have 142 Acoustic Guitar Kits and 109 Electro Acoustic Guitars which makes them comparable with both Dolphin and Gear4Music in terms of size.

Because of their huge buying power, Amazon is a great place for cheap acoustic guitars, with there cheapest currently being a Classic Cantabile Western Series WS-11 Sunburst Guitar which is on sale at just £25 reduced from £62.

Browse all of the acoustic guitars at Amazon

Music Room Acoustic Guitars

cheap electro acoustic guitarYou will notice that we do not include Music Room in the price comparison we perform for each acoustic guitar. This is due to the Music Room refusing to allow us to list their guitars and prices beside the other UK retailers. We are in dialogue with Music Room and hope to convince them of the benefits of being listed on this site in the near future.

Music Room has around 40 acoustic guitars for sale starting at £49 for a Stagg 3/4 Black Dreadnought Guitar.

We are in constant dialogue with a number of acoustic guitar retailers to add as many merchants as possible as we understand that the more retailer we can add, the more value we can give to you.

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